Mounting Hitches

Find the mounting hitches you need from Hitches Online. Hitches are designed to support loads from a specific area of your vehicle, usually either the front or the rear. Here’s what you need to know about mounting hitches as you prepare to choose what will likely work best for your intended towing purposes.

Front Mounting Hitches

Hitches that mount in the front allow you to use the front part of your vehicle for functional purposes. Front mounting hitches commonly attach a snow plow, winch, or other preferred accessories. A front mount hitch is especially useful when space is limited to hold a cargo carrier.

You may even use a front mount hitch in addition to a rear mounting hitch to pull a trailer. If you’re a boat owner, your boat trailer can be linked to a receiver mounted in the front to allow for better control during your launch. Accessories that can be paired with front mounting hitches include:

  • License plate holders
  • Spare tire mounts
  • Step pads
  • Skid shields

Bumper Mounting Hitches

Bumper mounting hitches attach directly to your vehicle’s bumper, not the frame. They provide a receiver tube that can be used to support a bike rack, ball mount, cargo carrier, or any other hitch-mounted accessory you may wish to add. Bumper mounting hitches are not the same thing as a “bumper mount,” which is simply a hole in your vehicle’s bumper for attaching a trailer ball. Bumper hitches allow for extra flexibility and adjustment when towing.

The towing capacity varies based on the maximum weight supported by your bumper. However, a weight distribution system combined with a bumper hitch receiver may tow up to 6,000 pounds. Bumper mounting hitches are ideal for hauling different types of trailers, including:

  • Utility trailers
  • Pop-up campers
  • Boat trailers
  • Livestock trailers

Note: Even with a weight distribution system, the weight carrying capacity will still depend on your bumper’s weight capacity rating.

Rear Mounting Hitches

Rear mounting hitches are directly attached to your vehicle. These hitches are divided based on class. Class 1 and 2 rear mount hitches handle lighter loads typically carried by passenger vehicles and SUVs. Class 3 rear-mounted hitches are usually used to support heavier loads on SUVs and pickups. Class 4 and 5 hitches support substantial loads from the rear of your vehicle, up to as much as 14,000 pounds.

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